Terms of Use

Terms and Conditions

In order to use the services of Coastwide Senior Care, LLC (hereby called CSC) all the facilities that clients are referred to by CSC, must have an approved license issued by the state they are located in. Our department dealing with Quality Assurance does the preliminary screening and continuous overseeing of the facilities we refer or do placements in, which includes, and is not limited to:

Certify that the licenses of the facilities are existent and legally sound, not presently subject to any sort of disciplinary action (or at least they should be disclosed of) and carry insurance for protection of the users/clients.

The facilities we refer to go through our requirements of screening of licensing. If a member does not uphold our standards based on feedback from the users/consumers that we match with their locations, may not be referred to for a placement.

Users who visit our website or call us are requested to provide information such as their need, location, preferred payment method and the items detailed in the website. Depending on these factors, Coastwide Senior Care, LLC finds a facility which is a member, and also meets the needs, if possible, enables callers to get in touch with the facility to schedule an appointment. For users, this service is free.