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About Us: Coastwide Senior Care

Coastwide Senior Care helps you and your loved one in searching, comparing, selecting, and managing paperwork while finding the most suitable assisted living service and community in the USA. When the time comes to give yourself or your loved one the best professional senior care advice, Coastwide helps in ensuring a seamless transition.

Be it Independent Living, Aging in Place, Assisted Living, Alzheimer’s or Dementia, or Temporary Respite Care—Coastwide’s experienced senior care advisors research, build a portfolio of high-quality senior care communities, check their credentials, seek available feedback by families, and match a senior’s needs with the most appropriate caregiving community in your area. Coastwide Senior Care offers the preliminary advisory service free of cost.

Our services are also useful when families find themselves dealing with a crisis when finding a substitute living arrangement for a senior after release from a rehabilitation center or a hospital. We also assist in finding a certified senior care facility for families who believe that a home is no longer safe or well-equipped to handle the care of a senior dealing with an illness, isolation, or requirement of round-the-clock professional care. We take full care in matching your needs and objectives with a service provider and save you time and the stress that’s invariably involved while searching for the right community.

Coastwide begins this process by assigning an experienced senior care advisor to you and understand your needs and concerns. Step-by-step, we help families know their available senior care options. Our qualified senior care advisors guide you through the various senior care services and explain the differences between, say, senior home community and in-home care, cost, features, and long-term benefits.

Coastwide Senior Care always keeps the long-term perspective of individual needs and takes into account your aimed lifestyle while recommending a senior care facility. Also, during the final placement process, we match the detailed aspects your personal care needs, location, budget, unique preferences, and the way you want to spend your time at an assisted living community.

We always keep you front and center while planning and matching assisted living solutions for you and your loved ones.